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Saturday, April 11, 2009
Me and Daniel at loft! @ 4:50 PM

since that we almost half year did't see each other,
course his was staying in singapore for working,
everytime his came back im not in kl,
course pinky going for on tour, but anways daniel is was moving back
to kuala lumpur, as his have some reason i can't tell you all,
but maybe his will leaving one day, who know??
his was came back to kl, and his was date me for the lunch in pavilion,
as im the member of loft so i date his over there...here some
picture that daniel and me took....by the way is my new picture.

©copyrighted 2008 http://ihavenothing88.blogspot.com

Friday, January 30, 2009
Chinese new year... @ 2:05 PM

After a few day rest for chinese new year,
finally get back to work, well this year my luck not so bad,
erm hope anything getting better then last year,
hope this OX year bring me luxury....
today need get back to work and no more holidays..
i took some photo was during working time and
lunch time a pavilion....

©copyrighted 2008 http://ihavenothing88.blogspot.com

Thursday, January 8, 2009
Sebastian Birthday My little nephew @ 10:45 AM

Sebastian is my little nephew, this Jan of
9th is his two year old birthday, we celebrate his birthday
in early week look here some photo that we took on the birthday party.

birthday party.Just wordering how many present that i will receive
from the left : My elders sister(mom of sebastian), Me,Fanny my second sister,sebastian.
from the left : connie,sebastian,fanny,harry,me,evian

©copyrighted 2008 http://ihavenothing88.blogspot.com

Bye Bye 2008 Hello 2009.... @ 10:14 AM

Well I know I bit too late to wish ‘happy new year’ hello
2009 bye bye 2008… here wanna remind
back wat I doing all the way on the last year,
Erm I think not much ppl remember wat we did on the
Past year, here some memory I need to remind back
Myself, wat I did for last year….starting from the first
Of month in 2008 until the end…..

Of course welcoming new year,
Prepare to be celebrate Chinese year, spend a whole month
To shopping non-stop, hang out with friends all the way,
Rest one week from 26 feb-30feb for celebration Chinese new year,
I still remember my friend sherra was remind me don’t ever do
Back wat we did in 2008.. coz one week, no no I think everynight
We keep hang out to the clubbing non-stop..
After whole week celebration holidays, back to work
Start to busy with my work, coming Mas travel fair, and Matta fair,
But we still clubbing non – stop, until I meet a guy,
Is my ex boy friend(Stive) we always hang – out
Time going fast, I felt that I find him is my mr.right but im wrong
We break up after not more then one month, hard to
Accept wat really happen to me. Back to single again.
After break up with Stive, time going so fast but
Still can’t forget wat happen on last month, a fairytale for me.
April fool was coming, seriously no ‘JOKE’ for me..
And spring season finally was come, sakura cherry
Blossoms in Japan was keep falling like my heart
Keep falling tear as still in break up mood,
So decided wanna leaving this dead place,
Going to on tour to Japan Honshu during sakura
Season, starting from 3rd Apr -8th Apr, is my
First time lead about 45passenger, first was not dare to
Lead too many of passenger, but as my heart was falling, and I can’t
Find back myself in this moment just like no matter
How hard the road I also cross before and have experiences before,
So decided told myself I can do it, and take this offer from my dad,
Finally I arrived in Japan a sakura season, anything for me was falling,
But from the first to the end in this trip, I felt that still have
Ppl love me and care me, is ‘FRIENDS” I meet
A lot friends even I lost his but I meet just like a million friends
For me, they have older and younger…they help me
Find back myself in Japan…I falling in love with Japan.
I meet my local tour guide Ms.Debbie & Mr.Thomas ramdom my
Older blog I have write before, I find caring & love from
Ms . Debbie and I learning & education from
Mr.Thomas Li, im learning one word from his
is ‘ Don’t think you cannot do it course
You never think you can do it too’ yeah right,
i wanna thank you to my closer friends when im was
lost myself at the moment they always there for me
really appreciate they all thank again:-
Thank to all my belove friends
After dead back from alive, I more confidence myself,
Nothing is possible for me, so back to reality and work.
Nothing is special during this month course was too free
Prepare to have a summer holidays in beach.
My job getting bored, nothing to do course we
All travel agent welcoming ‘LOW SEASON”
Of the month… and get free ticket from my dad which my dad
Get it from the airline, well im gonna have two ticket to watch
‘LIVE & LOUD 2008’ with my sister
Guess wat my idol withney Houston & Elliott yamin and Shaggy
The most nice concert that I ever watch
Well this month celebration independence day.
And happy holidays for us from 31st Aug, watch concert again
And get free ticket again too…watch ‘WAYNE” live in
Stadium merdeka..my idol too Alan Tam no idea of
The other name of the group course im love Alan only,
Got four free ticket watch with my sister & brother in law and sherra.
A normal month to me and lock myself in bedroom, everyday
Do nothing just working and busy month too.
Birthday girl guess who…myself 2nd of oct, have a
Celebration with my family member, thank to celebrate with me ya.
Receive a invited from TAT (Tourism Authority Of Thailand)
A fam trip to all agent & media staff, to visit Amazing
Thailand 2009 seven worder, and visit I-San(northeastern of Thailand)
Really enjoy myself in this trip, meet a lot ppl from
Other country is more then a 50 country visit this I- San
At same time, thank again to TAT have a nice welcoming
Us, should visit Thailand at 2009….
Push push push…did you get wat I mean ‘PUSH”
Is help me to push the tour to Hokkaido trip coming
24th Nov-30th Nov as I need to travel this Hokkaido Japan,
Lucky finally the push is worth.. I can travel to Hokkaido
And this time my brother CK was same departure with me
And same flight, but unlucky can’t seat with my bro in
Plane as the flight was damn full, and after arrived gonna say bye bye
With his as him lead a Japan Honshu trip, and I need to change
A domestic flight to Sapporo(Hokkaido), guess wat I meet again
With Mr. Thomas li…hehe first time arrived, him still
Remember me and wave the hand with me after a
Past six month we meet again, him still very
Closer to me, even before that departure I was
Call him, as him not sure which tour leader that RQ him
But him say so familiar with my full name.
And age…course him never see a tour leader younger
Like me I was a 20 year old, so I need to work
With him in one week even dinner, lunch always together,
I told him that we gonna be together in two weeks,
His so surprise that wat I say…guess wat
I need to going back to kl after Hokkaido trip
And next day im fly back to Tokyo narita,
To lead a different passenger to Japan honsu trip,
As I only wanna work with him so I RQ that his to be my
Local tour guide…even customer was misunderstand that
We so closer just like lover….wtf him just like
My Dad….treat me so nice as him don’t have
Any child so him care me a lot, I miss him
A lot when im eating ice cream will think of
him, as him always buy me a ice cream…
Miss him a lot…
After a non stop lead a tour to Japan, and still
Miss Thomas and Japan live, as two weeks
In there a lot fun….so I think is time for me
To rest for a while and no more on tour for me,
Waiting chrismas celebration…but suddenly I receive
A call from my dad ask me to prepare get on tour
To ‘CHINA” even celebration chrismas
In Kunming alone..a silent night wtf did’t I hear mistake
Come again China..Kunming(Yunna)
Opss im not wrong is true…well as I never
Been to this place I mean China I only been to
Two part that is Beijing,Shanghai…
Now coming Yunna(Kunming) so is ok I take this chance
To holidays again…take me one weeks for holidays
Again plus less passenger only 9…wtf so fun..
But one thing im worry is donno Chinese..i mean speaking
Mandarin la…haih too bad…

well after this year lot of fun more then five time im travel
alone aways from Malaysia my country, and lot of fun
with my beloved friends and family…
hope coming this year more good enuf for me
more rich, more pretty, more ppl love me, many many more….bye bye 2008.

©copyrighted 2008 http://ihavenothing88.blogspot.com

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Silent Night in Yunna(Kunming) China @ 2:38 PM

This year supposed was celebrate a christmas with my family,
but before the two day of christmas eve, was receive a call from
my dad ask me to on tour to Yunna(Kunming), plus i did't been to this place before
so i decided to take this chance, but is just only have 9passenger
that i need to lead to yunna, so lucky! LOL this tour will be
take around one week that mean 8days, but this is not the first time
im going to China side, erm will be the 3rd time if i count first is was be Beijing second
Shanghai and now is Kunming(Yunna). For me im less going to
China coz is one thing that i hate to on tour in there, need to face it with the
local tour guide and speak mandarin with they, second thing is
i need to bring my passenger for shopping in china, is not the shopping that you think
is not easy of that, is just like a shopping stop....and the china ppl will
force my passenger to buy the product...Well still got alot thing
need to worry, im don't like about that. But the scenery is really nice....
somemore i take few of Photo of me only hope you enjoy the scenery...

©copyrighted 2008 http://ihavenothing88.blogspot.com

Thursday, December 18, 2008
1stDec-7thDec Japan Honshu @ 2:22 PM

Recently i was busy on tour non - stop, i was came back
from my hokkaido trip on 30th nov then, next day i continue to
flight back to narita tokyo again, yeah same Mr. thomas will be
my tour guide again Japan Honshu trip, well this time i lead
21passenger but around 10 of it is children, wtf! i hate it
somemore need to take care of them...but lucky they all so
good girls and good boys...lol once they meet me on the first
time in the KLIA( Kuala lumpur International Airport) they greet to me
and say " Hi Pinky jie jie" they even always listen wat i say to them,
but thomas need to stop talking some dirty talk infront of they children,
as his always talking like that as a joke infront of they customer to make them happy..
but this time the all customer so nice same like hokkaido customer, so lucky...
but i did't take much photo as i take the photo many time and always the
same place im getting bored of the same place,
more then three time per year im going to the same place in
Japan honshu, but this time i did't go in to the Tokyo Disney land
coz is too bored for me, i decided to shop alone and to
visit some place that i never been, that day when my customer all whole
day in Disney land, so me and Thomas take this time to enjoy
our shop and rest...Thomas ask me " where you wanna to go in tokyo"
so of coz i say " Harajuku" coz i never been there so his decided to take me
there for shop...and here are the some photo that i take...
Yes finally i at HARAJUKU TOKYO i spend four hour to
shop at there, but not really
much thing to shop all is lolita clothes....
here is my stop for rest have a ice tea and
tiramisu is just cost me 940yen - Rm 37
i tell you friends this bun is totally different from
hong kong pineapple bun this is totally more dilicious and not
so sticky but i always been to Asakusa Temple i never saw
this coffee shop around the back
road Thomas was bring me there..
This is Japan vitamin as i sick on second night
so Thomas bring some for me.....
i really enjoy this two weeks in Japan and so lucky i
can see snowing in Osaka last night in Japan..is Snowing im so happy
and walk alone in the outside hotel, just like a silent night
i miss anything in Japan...

©copyrighted 2008 http://ihavenothing88.blogspot.com

Monday, December 15, 2008
My first Hokkaido Trip 24th Nov-30th Nov 2008 @ 2:31 PM

Finally i can go to Hokkaido, i was always going to japan honshu trip,
so this is my first time going to hokkaido and is by malaysia airline plus after arrived in narita airport i need to meet up my local tour guide(Mr.Thomas Li)
that i have been work with his before on April during sakura season,
so this time is my second time to meet his again,
i need to change a domestic flight by JL to sapporo, in the flight i was totally
in sleeping mood, so both of us was sleeping i mean Thomas and me,
after a one hour we arrived sapporo airport, Yes Yes im arrived sapporo hokkaido, is feel that very cold coz before im arrived in there, is was snowing! unlucky that when im arrived snowing was stop....we spend 4night in hokkaido here is some of photo of
Hokkaido Japan! hope you enjoy my photo!
Ainu Village
Thomas Li & Me At Ainu Village
My customer ms.pinky leong & me
Thomas & me always enjoy icecream in winter time
so cold...but nice
Bear farm
handsome Japanese Guy & Me
very fresh just only 100yen per each
Ms.kiw and Ms.kui & me in otaru hokkaido
scary high cable car
Xiao Xi i meet her in Hokkaido keio Plaza Hotel, she was once of the staff there,
she very nice person and she was from china and already marriage in Japan....

©copyrighted 2008 http://ihavenothing88.blogspot.com